Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Social Media

There are so many different ways to connect with people now through Social Media that it can get a little overwhelming if you try to do everything. I know that I have had to make decisions as to where I want to be and where it isn’t going to be part of my life right now as I just don’t have the time or energy to be everywhere.

For me I have decided that I will be on three different social media sites and I am going to try and limit it to that. I am on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter and I think that can be busy enough if you try and keep up with everything. Linkedin is the one that I find the easiest to manage because there are the social posting most of the time. Sure there are the posts about different articles and such but that is it so that is easy to handle.

Facebook is something else and that can be a job in itself and I don’t keep up with everyone on it as I would have to be watching the screen all the time to do that. Facebook is a great way to connect with people especially friends and relatives but everyone has to understand that not everyone is on it all the time and not everyone posts everything about their life on it. Facebook for me is something that I use a bit and I am one of those that doesn’t post everything on it. I have had people complain that they don’t see what we are doing and part of that is because I don’t want my entire life out for the friends and family to see. Yes, I will post the occasional update about things but again they are few and far between. I do post in some of the groups that I belong to but again I don’t post often as it would just take too much of my time to do that. I sometimes will like a post but again with the amount of stuff that groups can post on a daily basis it can be a challenge to see everything and I just don’t try and do that.

Twitter, now here is one social media platform that can be like a garden hose and trying to keep up with everything that is posted can nearly impossible. On the weekends it doesn’t seem to be quite as bad as during the week but again it can be a challenge to keep up with just all the posts that come in. I am following 198 different accounts and have 24 follows so you can see that I am not out there a lot. Sure it can help you keep updated with what is going on but you can miss a lot of things as well and that is something that you have to accept when you are part of Twitter or most of the social media platforms.

Recently I was talking to someone about a group on Facebook that I belong to and she said that I never post in the group or even comment on other posts. I was a little surprised when she said that because I have posted and commented in the group so didn’t know what she was talking about. After a few seconds I did let her know that I do post in the group and I like various posts but considering how many posts there are in the group it is difficult to see everything someone comments on or likes. The other thing that made me laugh is I am not friends in Facebook with this person so I can like tons of posts but she isn’t going to be my name as someone that has liked a post.

Yes, I know that I quite often have Facebook and Twitter open on my computer during a business day and part of that is because I keep an eye on a Facebook and Twitter account which is for work. I want to ensure that people are not posting things that should be posted on those sites. Sure it looks like I spend hours on these two social media platforms but honestly they may be open but most of the time where are hidden from view and I am doing the other work that needs to be done and I check into these sites from time to time to ensure that everything is still good.

I know that there are a lot of other Social Media platforms that I could belong to like Instragram and others but it can be a challenge to keep up with what I am currently on so I am not going to add more things to track right now. I understand that there are people that are on most if not all the different social media platforms but I have no idea how they can keep up with everything and also work and do everything else they do. I know what makes me happy and that is what I am going to stick with and sure if you don’t see me comment or post on a group maybe you have just missed it and that is what social media is like.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Driving distances

How many times have you received a call from someone visiting from outside of North America thinking that they can get to see you quickly? I know that just being able to realize that Canada is a lot bigger than a lot of the European countries. I have done a bit of a comparison to show the differences between Canada and some of the European countries.

  • Nuremberg Germany – Berlin Germany 449km
  • Nuremberg Germany – Munich Germany 226km
  • London England – Glasgow Scotland 663km
  • Plymonth England – Inverness Scotland 1,107km
  • Vancouver, British Columbia – Halifax Nova Scotia 6,610 km
  • Toronto, Ontario – Montreal, Quebec 541 km

Part of what can be interesting is when you have people visiting from Europe and they think that everyone in a city or even a province should know everyone else. I have also heard that people in one city in Canada thinks it will only take an hour or two to drive between major cities. One comparison is someone wanting to go to Toronto for lunch when they are in Montreal for a business meeting. I know that this happened and someone received a call from a business colleague visiting Montreal from Europe and they were driving to Toronto to take the other individual out for lunch. The European individual didn’t realize that the drive between those two cities were more than a 5 hour drive not the hour or two that they were normally doing in Europe.

Another thing that happens is some of the different European vendors don’t think about how long it takes to drive from city to city in Canada and they send out the different events in cities that are hours away. We recently received an email about an event in Ottawa in April while the same event is being hosted in Toronto in September. Why would I drive 4 hours to Ottawa for a one day event when I can go to the same event here in Toronto without having the expense of travel time and also a hotel that would be required to be at the event at 8 am.

Yes Canada is a very large country and it takes days to drive from coast to coast and not just hours. It can be interesting to see the difference in times between getting between major cities depending on what country you are talking about. I enjoy comparing the differences between the different countries and seeing how long it takes to get from major city to major city. So next time you hear someone talk about why don’t we know everyone in our country let them know that we are an extremely large country and it would be difficult to know everyone either in our city, province or country.